The Lindsay Buziak Murder

In Response to Justice and Tilica:

Tilica says:

Horsley wants this case to disappear from our memories and fade away from his life so he can go on about keeping his dirty little secrets, don’t you Chris? Well I’m going to let you in on another little secret Chris since I know you read this blog; we will never go away. We are a group of people located all over the world and as long as even one of us are still living, we will not cease to seek the truth about the murder of Lindsay Buziak. There are some folks here who are as angry as Lindsay’s family and we want justice. It has been ten years and we are gaining in number and gaining momentum. More shows, a book and movies will be in your future. You have misled the public with your constantly changing stories. Do you know who changes the story Chris? a liar changes his story. That is police investigation 101. We do not have to live in Saanich to be involved in this investigation, we have something called the internet Chris. if you want to shut us up, you will have to kill us all. Good luck with that. If anyone is harmed as a result of seeking justice for Lindsay Buziak, Saanich police will not be running those investigations Chrissy boy! It is time for you to hand the file over for real this time.

  • jazzmin13 says:

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    Good Morning.
    I keep hoping too Sign on and find Lindsays Murder Solved. I’ve been Sleeping for Longer Periods 10 to 16hrs at a Time. Depression.
    I’ll always Remember/Identify with this Event that Occurred on My little Street.
    I took my Son Payton passed 1702 De Souza almost everyday.
    Trick-or-Treating, to and from work, walks to the Skate Park at Lambrick Park.
    I was raised to respect The Law and what it stood for. That if I needed help and I was in Danger I could find a Police Officer and Report It.Not True with Chris. Horesly and The Saanich Police Department.
    I’m ready Too Archive my profiles and Give Up.
    But Lindsay Is a part of my little Community of Gordon Head. A quiet little Burb 20mins outside of Victoria B.C. Canada. Beautiful Gardens and well kept Homes and Lawns. A Great Place to start a Family.
    No One has Instructed me too Stop Posting, Sharing or too Cease Starting, ReCirculating Memories or Information, Contact info, Pictures… etc.
    I have Never heard back from Chris. Horesly, Hi Chris, or The Saanich Police Department since I first made a Report on Feb 2nd 2018, nearly seven months ago. I’ve personally walked from Sidney B.C. 25 Kms to see Chris. Horsely personally at least twice only too be told from I believe a Sargent Simcoe at SPD that The SPD is in the Business of Getting Information, not handing it out.
    I’ve been treated by the Front Counter Staff at The SPD Like Shit. Tried too Leave my I.D. there just to have them Get in Touch with me. # Sets of I.D. Duplicates. Spares.
    The Saanich Police Department is well Aware of Me. Yet they won’t put my Facts/Statement on paper.
    The SPD Intercepted a Letter I wrote in 2012, Feb 6th I mailed it to “SomeOnes” Family and Saved The Original Copy of The 45pg? Letter describing “SomeOnes” Mental State/Drug Use, Life Choices, Abuse, A Child Involved.
    All taking Place just steps from the Event, Same TimeLine… FUCK!!!
    So What’s important here?
    My Son Payton I have to believe he’s ok. He’s a WashOut with That “SomeOne”.
    I may See him when He’s of Age… If I want it to Happen.
    Things I’ve learned since following this Path is how long it takes to make a Post. This one has taken me 2hrs so far. I’m 1 person, my background isn’t in Computers, Technology, FaceLooking, Data and Booting. I’ve SurPassed anything I could have Imagined.
    The Message I get Particularly Today is Share, Share, Share. Get the Word Out!
    =- .
    I Believe, I Believe that the Two Life Journeys are Connected in a Karmic Way.
    I Hope I can Share enough Too be a pain In Their Asses! If I do It Often Enough (Because I’ve been Close to getting Arrested also… just to get Attention!) “SomeOne” will make a MissTake.